Crysalis Limited is a UK based company that specializes in on-line retail. We have been trading since September 2006 and over the years have had separate websites designed to specialise in different clothing sectors.

The changing web environment and the strain on resources for a small independant company like Crysalis has meant that in 2015 we have taken the bold decision to consolidate our three web sites and concentrate on just the one brand - Essili.com.

In May 2015 the new domain name was acquired and by mid June 2015 the basic new site was live.

We took the opportunity to improve the navigation, making it simpler and with the use of filters in the product categories it is very easy for customers to refine the extensive product listings down to the size, colour, style of brand they are looking for.

Initially the plan had been to rebrand the largest of our websites first, but on advice it was decided to move the smaller site, Loves-Lingerie, over to the new brand first and that is underway right now. It was planned to have this transfer complete by the end of August but all is going well and faster than intended and so we hope it will be complete by the first week in July. Leaving us free to implement the planned switch of our big site, Ever-so-Sexy, at the end of July which was in fact our original planned switch date.

We then plan to take a little breather, leaving Sleep-Pretty, our third site that sells only nightwear, running separately while we focus on establishing the new brand identity, Essili. Of course things could change!

We will post updates here from time to time. But to contact us please visit our new main site, Essili.com



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